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In my opinion curls is one of the magic words when it comes to awesome hairstyles…
Whether you do an updo or add a braid, with your hair curled everything gets a bit more of a wow factor :-)
Offcourse you don’t want to get at it with a curling wand every day, because yes they make beautiful curls, but they also cause damage to your hair, and cost so much time. Don’t know about you, but I don’t have that much time every morning 😉

Savvy curls has the perfect solution: a headband that curls your hair without heat! Because they’re made with thermal insulating materials & curl forming materials, they use your heads natural heat to form the curls. And that all while you are sleeping, cleaning, working out or even just watching tv.
That is kinda perfect!

I tried the double headband on Luna first, I put it in her hair before going to bed, her hair was still slightly damped from her bath, and I didn’t use any hairproducts. I also took quit big pieces of hair to wrap around.
For an instruction video how to put in the double headband, click HERE
IMG_5675b72p IMG_5674b72p IMG_5673b72pI guess the best way to test it’s ‘sleepability’ is having your kid test it lol. I mean we ladies would sleep upside down if that would give us the best curls ever, but with our kiddo’s it’s a different story. They need comfort and no limits while in bed.
Well I can honestly say that the Savvy Curls convertible wrap has passed the test! It also stayed it pretty good, since Luna always moves around in her sleep :-)
Image172pThis is what her wrapped hair looked like in the morning. The hair loosened up a bit, but stayed put.
And the result after taking it out is just incredible:
IMG_5682b72p IMG_5684b72pLike I said, hairstyles do look better with some curls:
IMG_5691b72p IMG_5688b72pSo next on the list I wanted to try the headband on myself, and this time I did it on dry hair during the day, used some hairmousse, and I took rather small pieces of hair to create a different kind of curls. I also loosened them up with my fingers afterwards.
IMG_5719b72p IMG_5721b72pCan you believe they are both done with the same headband??

Savvy Curls offers a single and a double (convertible) headband. I would rather choose the double, since you can take the top part off, and still have a single that way 😉
They come in fun colors and patterns as well!

Let me know your favorite way to curl your hair, and would you buy a Savvy Curls headband??


Written by Tamara
Braid lover from the Netherlands, mother of dragons (Luna 7 and Kyra 5), serie addict, brand rep, hair-beauty and fashion blogger.

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