IMG_5011b272pOk, I´m a sucker for changable jewelry. I love addapting the look of my jewels to match my clothes, or my mood for that matter 😉
And when you can add your own photo’s as well, there we go, you got me now! I love everything that holds little memories!

So I was more then excited to collaborate with Hippe Sieraden, a dutch site who does not only sells this beauty, but has so much more lovely stuff on their site. You should really check them out!
They have all kinds of photo jewelry, and bracelets for which you can choose your own text! Next to that they also have bags, keychains, hairaccesoires and so much more! Go see for yourself :-)
IMG_5204b72pThe necklace I received is a so called memory locket. It holds little treasures, like floating charms and a photo, or a little disc with text. It is made of stainless steel, and the quality is awesome!

IMG_5215b72pThe memory locket opens and closes on one side by 2 small, but very strong magnets. Which is perfect, since you don’t want to loose your little treasures right :-)
On the website you can choose which charms you wish to add, and you can order as many as you want to change your necklace to your liking! There are so many, hearts, swarovski stones, baby feet, stars, butterflies, hey they even have a Christmas tree and a scissor&comb one LOL.
IMG_5218b72p IMG_5220b72pIMG_5212b72pThe necklace itself is 80cm, so a perfect length to show off your memory locket. They also have a round shaped one, and they´re both stunning, but this drop shaped one is deff my favorite 😉
And if you’re more of a bracelet type, they also have a memory locket bracelet!
IMG_5211b72p IMG_5213b72p Check out Hippe Sieraden on their own website and give them a follow on Facebook and Instagram!

Written by Tamara
Braid lover from the Netherlands, mother of dragons (Luna 7 and Kyra 5), serie addict, brand rep, hair-beauty and fashion blogger.

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