Ever had that moment where you have been wearing heels for a while, and then suddenly they hurt like crazy?
Common, admit it, we’ve all been there…..yes even you and me 😉 It’s moments like that can ruin your entire day/evening right?
Thats when Flat Out Of Heels comes in to save the day! IMG_4278beter72p

Flat Out of Heels are rollable (yeah really!) ballet style flats that can be used as an emergency flat and worn for everyday use. They are stylish, comfortable and compact, and they’re small enough to fit in about every purse.
So no more sore feet after a night out, keep on dancing in style!
IMG_4277beter72pFlat Outs come rolled tightly in a disposable box with a shoe bag conveniently included with the purchase. So heels off, flats on, and you don’t even have to wonder where to keep your heels. How genious is that haha.
They have thick durable soles with no slip, no skid bottoms and memory foam style cushion, an the elastic on the heel makes sure they stay on, no matter what!
IMG_4350beter72pFlat Out of Heels are perfect for wearing during the day as well. I, for example, find them perfect to wear around the house.
And a couple of weeks ago, when I had a wedding, and was on heels all day, I slipped them on when I was going to drive home… Perfect!!
All Flat Out of Heels are machine washable, so that might come in handy as well :-)
Mine are from the Loren Ridinger Collections- (Glamber Green) but they have many more beautiful ones (plain ones, animal print, flowers, decorated with studs, etc), so there’s on for everyone’s liking!
Flat Out Of Heels is located in the US, but ships to most countries around the world.

You can find Flat Out Of Heels here:
Internet: www.flatoutofheels.com
Instagram: @FlatOutofHeels
Facebook: Facebook.com/FlatOutofHeels
YouTube:  YouTube.com/FlatOutofHeels





Written by Tamara
Braid lover from the Netherlands, mother of dragons (Luna 7 and Kyra 5), serie addict, brand rep, hair-beauty and fashion blogger.

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