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I had the pleasure to be send this genious piece of work over by Bfabulous1: the brittlet
And when I say genious, I seriously mean: GET YOUR OWN NOW!
Foto 16-05-15 21 05 12The Brittlet is a bracelet every hairstylist, hairlover or braidaddict should have :-)
It has a magnet which holds your bobbypins, and since the magnet is bendible, you can form it to your wrist to fit perfectly! The magnet is also very handy when collecting your bobbypins *lol*
Foto 16-05-15 21 03 33Foto 16-05-15 21 03 53It also has this plastic piece that allows you to easily open your bobbypins, so no more using your nails or teeth! And did I mention how cool you look wearing it 😉
Foto 16-05-15 21 04 14 Foto 16-05-15 21 09 09To see the Brittlet in action, check out my YouTube video of the #ib_doubledutchbraids, in which I use it!

The Brittlet is available at for only $24,97, and it will make your hairstyling a lot easier!
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Written by Tamara
Braid lover from the Netherlands, mother of dragons (Luna 7 and Kyra 5), serie addict, brand rep, hair-beauty and fashion blogger.

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